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Guangdong Huafei Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2016, has many years of professional knowledge, In recent years, it has grown rapidly, and has become a platform for military and police system, aerial photography, aerial survey, disaster relief, electric power.The company provides professional customized services in many industries, such as line inspection, oil pipeline inspection, agriculture and forestry protection. It is a high-tech industrial UAV manufacturer integrating R & D, manufacturing, sales and service.Our products and services have won a good reputation. The sales network covers more than 40 countries and regions all over the world  we will continue to deepen product development, improve product services, and improve sales channels, Let Huafei become another famous brand in UAV industry.

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Huafei technology has a variety of helicopters, fixed wings, multi rotors, vertical, pods, digital control links, ground stations and other UAVs and related accessories, rich product chain, to meet the customer mapping, agriculture, emergency, power, inspection, logistics and other industries application needs.

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By HUAFEI UAV | 2023-04-20

Huafei Phoenixes-390 Hybrid VTOL Fixed-Wing Drone: Disrupting Tradition, Exploring New Frontiers in Industrial UAVs

Abstract: With its long endurance, high payload capacity, and versatile applications, the Huafei Phoenixes-390 hybrid VTOL fixed-wing drone is changing the landscape of industrial UAV development. This article will delve into the technical features, design advantages, and performance of the Phoenixes-390 in various application scenarios.

By David Price | 2021-06-03

What are the common UAV graphic transmission technologies?

UAV image transmission system is an important part of UAV. It is a kind of wireless electronic transmission equipment that uses certain technology to transmit the video captured by the camera of UAV to the remote rear in real time. Therefore, UAV image transmission is also known as the "eyes" of UAV.

By David Price | 2021-06-03

Application of nine different functions of industry popular science UAV in surveying and mapping

With the advantages of fast, efficient, flexible and low cost, UAV tilt photography technology is gradually subverting the traditional surveying and mapping operation mode, and has become a "new favorite" in the surveying and mapping industry. The application of tilt photography technology to UAV is actually making a three-dimensional model, which is more realistic, more intuitive and more realistic.

By | 2021-06-03

Precautions for UAV operation in high temperature weather in summer

UAV is used in all walks of life, can perform all kinds of dangerous tasks without scruple, and has the characteristics of strong concealment, fast response, flexible operation, long-time continuous flight. The cost of development, production and use is much lower than that of manned UAV.