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New Hexacopter UAV Photography drone for law enforcement, search and rescue, security,delivery,cargo
Long endurance, high body strength, carbon fiber integrated molding, easy to carry, quick dismantling arm

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HUAFEI swans-1600S RTF hexacopter is a heavy-lift and versatile flight platform for your mapping, surveying, search and rescue applications.
The Monocoque Carbon Fiber Waterproof Structure, combined with the latest generation of redundant electronic systems and HD video transmission system, makes this camera drone ready for any use in all environmental conditions, rain and extreme temperatures even below zero will no longer be an operating limit.

Long flying time
Thanks to the lightweight structure design and powerful propulsion system, HUAFEI swans-1600S RTF drone is able to fly 60 minutes with 2KG payload, 44 minutes with 5KG payload.

swans-1600S RTF quadcopter is with IP43 rating, capable of carry out mission in extreme conditions.

Hight-performance and stable propulsion system
swans-1600S RTF camera drone is using T-Motor propulsion system, which is proved of high quality and stability.

Easy for transportation, quick to set up
Pluggable arms of swans-1600S frame makes the drone is easy for transportation. The drone set up can be done in 5 minutes.

Multiple payload options
All the pan tilt, camera and other payloads of Huafei UAV can be installed on the swans-1600S RTF flight platform.


Endurance60min / 2kg payload, 44min / 5kg payload. Drone batteries are excluded from the payload.
Suggested max payload (battery excluded)10KG
Max Cruise Speed72km/h
Anti Wind CapabilityMax 12m/s
Operating Altitude(Max.)4000m

Your Purchase Includes

RTF combo with T-Motor propulsion system (RC with 10KM range control and telemetry)

One swans-1600S carbon fiber six rotor aircraft frame

6 x t-motors

6 x t-motors ESC

3 x 29*8.7 inch propellers

1 x cuav V5 + flight controller with Neo V2 GPS module

1 x 16 channel radio controller

2 x tattu 6S 25000mah 22.8v high voltage Lipo

1 x assembly and testing services


Flight controller: Pixhawk Cube Orange, DJI N3, DJI A3, DJI A3 Pro

Video transmitter & receiver: (5-10KM range), H15(15KM range), H30(30KM range)